Hi, I am Sandeep Bhat

Sandeep Bhat

Software Engineer - III at Walmart Labs

I am a passionate software engineer with 5 years of working experience. Have been working on Go for over 3 years now. Built UI and APIs for a product from scratch which got acquired by Cisco (Cmpute.io). Followed it up by working on a newer version of the same product across multiple clouds and launched it in Cisco (Cisco Cost Optimizer).

Fast Learner
Problem Solving


Go Development
Go Development

Using as the main language for professional development. Capable of writing scalable, testable, and maintainable program. Been working for over 3 years having developed two projects from scratch.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Worked on most of the major clouds such as GCP, AWS, Azure etc. Actively work on Azure VMs, Autoscaling and Azure Blob Storage.


Write most of the programs as dockerized container. Experienced with multi-stage, multi-arch build process.


Capable of setup, configure Prometheus metrics. Experienced with PromQL. Have worked on setting up custom dashboards on Grafana with Prometheus as the source.


Using as the main operating system. Capable of writing bash/shell scripts.


Worked on K8s with Helm for managing the templating. Intermediate skills in K8s.


Experienced with git-based development.


Software Engineer - III
Walmart Labs

July 2019 - Present, Bangalore

E-commerce giant in the US with branches all over the world and being placed at the top of the list of companies at Fortune magazine. Cutting edge company with traffic to the level of 44k/min OPM (orders per min) during the holiday sales (Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales) of 2019-20.

  • Design and develop features as a part of the Edge team working on custom Software Defined LoadBalancer (SLB) written completely using Go.
  • HTTP Log sampling of logs to the level of several TBs in real-time.
  • Worked on a rate-limiting package.
  • Service discovery using Consul.
  • Bug fixes and APIs.
  • Internal tool which tracks the health and improves visibility of various stack within the product.
  • Won a hackathon with a POC of a project called Latency Tracker.

Software Engineer - III
Cisco Systems

May 2018 - July 2019, Bangalore

Networking giant and a reputed company.

  • Designed and implemented a service for scheduling and managing various tasks in the system. It allowed for ensuring that the Kubernetes cluster was not overloaded as well as ensuring tasks that failed are tracked for.
  • Designed and implemented a service for tracking all the inventory in the multiple cloud accounts added as part of the system. It tracks and maintains their relationships within the system as well their lifecycles and pricing etc.
  • Was also involved in the discovery and implementation of Kubernetes within the product.
  • Worked on APIs across the system (CRUD activities in the system).

Software Engineer - II
Cisco Systems

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018, Bangalore

Networking giant and a reputed company.

  • Begin work on CloudCenter suite of products - majorly on Cisco Cost Optimizer.

Software Developer
Cmpute.io (Acquired by Cisco)

Jan 2017 - Dec 2017, Bangalore

Startup focussed on cost savings over AWS.

  • Developed the frontend UI single-handedly from scratch (Angular 2 with TypeScript) alongside APIs (C#, Linq as ORM).
  • Also worked on Golang modules around notification system.

Research & Development Engineer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Systems

Jan 2018 - Apr 2018, Bangalore

Legendary company which set the base for the current Silicon Valley.

  • Virtual Connect is a switch-like device which is a part of a blade server environment which virtualizes NICs in a server while enabling easy provisioning of servers along with the reduction in cabling complexity.
  • Built Audit Logging feature which uses the rsyslog of linux kernel to effectively log all important events in the system along with support for logging on system bootup.

Software Development Intern
Sonus Networks (Ribbon Communications)

Jan 2014 - Apr 2014, Bangalore

Ribbon Communications delivers communications software, IP and optical networking solutions to service providers, enterprises and critical infrastructure sectors globally.

  • Created a FSM Call Flow Diagram by analyzing SBC Debug Logs to help understand complex FSM of different modules running on the SBX system and easily identify the point of failure.


EC2Sync (Easy-2-Sync)
Developer April 2018 - Present

AWS Lambda to sync files from a S3 bucket to a target VM automatically.

AWS Solutions Architect Exam Notes
Developer Feb 2018 - Present

Notes to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Certification.

Go Recipes
Developer Mar 2018 - Present

POC for a product which can be a Zomato for all recipes.

Contributor Mar 2015 - Jun 2015

Product written in Python which connects all systems within a LAN(local network of a college for example) and let’s them communicate over text and audio.


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